International piano competitions

These are active and inactive sites with information about past and future competitions. Some of the links may no longer work, or may work only intermittently, but they might still help in locating a competition (in some cases, you might find old details on www.archive.org). To suggest a site to be included, email webmaster@piano-net.com. Click on column headings to sort.

Date Location Country Name
2018-05-24 Jacksonville, FL USA Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition
2018-05-11 Annemasse/Geneva France/Switzerland 12th International Adilia Alieva Piano Competition
2018-03-22 Stradella Italy Stradella International Music Competition
2018-05-10 Berlin Germany 3rd Rising Stars Grand Prix 2018 � International Music Competition Berlin
2018-05-02 Barletta Italy 21st International Piano Competition 'Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize'
2018-04-26 Barletta Italy 28th Young Musician International Competition
2018-05-05 Frascati (Rome) Italy 13� International Mozart Piano Competition
2018-01-07 St Petersburg Russia VIII Piano Bridges International Amateur Competition
2018-04-17 Bansk� Bystrica Slovakia Third International Piano Competition Forum Per Tasti
2018-05-17 Szafarnia Poland 26th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth
2018-05-02 San Benedetto del Tronto Italy La Palma D�Oro
2018-01-09 Singapore Singapore Piano Island Festival
2018-07-25 Santander Spain XIX Paloma O'Shea Santander International Piano Competition
2017-04-25 Viseu Portugal 2nd Viseu International Piano Competition
2017-04-27 Barletta Italy Young Musician Intl. Competition 'Citt� di Barletta'
2017-06-01 San Benedetto del Tronto Italy International Piano Competition "La Palma d'Oro"
2017-06-22 Washington, DC USA 2017 International Young Artist Piano Competition
2017-03-15 Lagny-sur-Marne France 11th international piano competition of Lagny-sur-Marne
2017-02-04 Melbourne, FL USA American Jazz Pianist Competition
2017-02-18 New York, NY USA 92Y School of Music Piano Competition
2017-06-03 Washington, DC USA 2017 Washington International Competition for Piano
2016-09-28 V�c Hungary I. Danubia Talents International Music Competition
2016-07-09 Vienna Austria 1. International FEURICH Piano, Vocal and Chamber Music Competition 2016
2016-07-04 St Petersburg Russia 6th Piano Bridges International Competition for Amateur Pianists
2016-06-04 Princeton, NJ USA Princeton Festival Piano Competition
2016-06-30 Kerikeri New Zealand Kerikeri International Piano Competition
2016-07-14 Arsoli Italy 4th International Piano Competition "Piana del Cavaliere" - Pietro Iadeluca
2016-06-28 Berlin Germany 1st Rising Stars Grand Prix International Music Competition Berlin 2016
2016-05-09 Barletta Italy 19th International Piano Competition �Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize�
2016-05-07 Karlovac Croatia Karlovac Piano Festival & Competition
2016-09-01 Budapest Hungary Liszt Ferenc International Piano Competition
2016-03-09 Dallas, TX USA Dallas International Piano Competition
2016-05-07 Frascati (Rome) Italy XI Mozart International Piano Competition
2016-07-08 Evanston, IL USA Chicago International Duo Piano Competition
2016-07-24 Fort Collins, CO USA International Keyboard Odyssiad Competition
2016-06-23 Washington, DC USA International Young Artist Piano Competition
2016-04-16 Brussels Belgium International Competition for Young Pianists ï¿½Merci, Maestro!�
2016-05-14 Bucharest Romania 23rd Jeunesses International Piano Competition Dinu Lipatti
2015-08-09 San Giovanni Teatino Italy 2nd International Piano Festival
2015-10-15 Amsterdam Netherlands International Geelvinck Fortepiano Concours
2015-08-30 Ibiza Spain XXI Ibiza International Piano Competition

Kerikeri, Bay of Islands

New Zealand

Kerikeri International Piano Competition

2015-10-22 Paris France Long Thibaud Crespin PIANO Competition 2015
2015-07-15 Windsor UK Windsor International Piano Competition
2015-02-08 On-Line Application Poland 2015 Cochran Piano Competition
2015-11-02 Parma Italy 10th Franz Liszt International Piano Competition "Mario Zanfi�
2016-06-09 Pianello Val Tidone Italy International Music Competitions of the Val Tidone
2015-09-01 Ibiza Spain XXI Ibiza International Piano Competition 2015
2015-06-07 Princeton, NJ USA The Princeton Festival Piano Competition
2015-05-05 Barletta Italy 25th Young Musician International Competition "Citt� di Barletta"
2015-10-22 Brno Czech Republic XXII. International Mozartian Contest for young pianists
2015-03-09 Hilton Head Island USA Hilton Head International Piano Competition for Young Artists
2015-07-05 Alfred, NY USA MostArts Festival "Young Pianist Competition"
2015-01-01 The Hague Netherlands

1st Holland International Piano Competition


Shreveport, LA


Wideman International Piano Competition

2015-04-18 New York, NY USA Concerto Competition �Theodor Leschetizky�
2015-02-01 Valletta Malta Valletta International Piano Festival
2014-09-10 San Marino Italy

VI San Marino International Piano Competition


Gioia del Colle (Ba)


17th International Music Competition "Pietro Argento"

2015-09-15 Valencia Spain Valencia International piano competition Iturbi Prize
2014-06-22 Ischia (NA) Italy 2nd  International Piano Competition "Ischia"
2014-04-28 Barletta Italy 24th Young Musician Intl. Competition 'Citt� di Barletta'
2014-05-02 Barletta Italy 17th Intl. Piano Competition 'Mauro P. Monopoli Prize'
2015-01-09 Sarasota, FL USA Grieg Festival - Young Artists Piano Competition
2014-11-12 Plovdiv Bulgaria Fifth International Schumann - Brahms Piano Competition
2014-04-27 Washington, DC USA International Young Artist Piano Competition
2014-05-08 Cosenza Italy 4th International Piano Competition Luciano Luciani
2014-05-10 Astana Kazakhstan Astana Piano Passion
2014-04-24 Sofia Bulgaria VIVAPIANO Competition, Third Edition
2014-05-07 Athens Greece 2nd Alkan-Zimmerman International Piano Competition
2014-05-19 Naples Italy Sigismund Thalberg International Piano Prize
2014-06-11 Milan Italy International Competition Pianotalents Milan
2014-06-05 Milwaukee, WI USA PianoArts North American Piano Competition
2014-07-01 Singapore Singapore Ars Nova Singapore International Piano Competition 
2014-07-07 Washington, DC USA Washington International Competition
2014-07-03 Kerikeri New Zealand Kerikeri International Piano Competition
2013-08-02 Los Angeles, CA USA Los Angeles Young Musician International Competition
2013-11-03 Hartford, CT USA Simone Belsky Piano Competition
2014-01-03 Colorado Springs, CO USA United States International Duo Piano Competition
2013-07-31 Sárospatak Hungary Mozart Piano Concerto Competition
2013-10-25 New York, NY USA NTD Television Chinese International Piano Competition
2013-10-12 Łódź Poland 1st International Piano Competition
2014-11-20 Gaillard France 9th Adilia Alieva International  Piano Competition

Frascati, Rome

Italy 8th Mozart International Piano Competition
2013-03-14 Dallas, TX USA DCS International Piano Competition
2013-01-06 Thessaloniki Greece 6th International Piano Competition "Giorgos Thymis"
2012-12-29 MYA Center and Bennett-Gordon Hall, IL USA Walgreens National Concerto Competition
2013-06-08 Princeton, NJ USA The Princeton Festival Piano Competition
2013-02-24 Aarhus Denmark Aarhus International Piano Competition
2012-10-26 Prague Czech Republic International piano competition with a guarantee of Ivan Klánský
2013-06-10 Vienna Austria International Beethoven Piano Competition
2012-07-03 Jakarta Indonesia Third Alberti International Piano Competition
2012-07-09 C�ceres Brazil 1st Piano Competition Esteban Sanchez
2013-05-18 Bucharest Romania 20th Jeunesses International Piano Competition
2013-06-10 Vienna Austria 14th International Beethoven Piano Competition Vienna
2012-07-30 Singapore Singapore 1st Ars Nova International Piano Competition
2012-07-02 St Petersburg Russia 2nd Piano Bridges International competition for amateur pianists
2012-03-12 Many Locations Various Anton G. Rubinstein International Piano Competition 2012
2012-06-01 Gaillard France 8th International Adilia Alieva Piano Competition
2012-09-06 San Marino Italy 5th San Marino International Piano Competition
2012-04-14 Union City, NJ USA 2012 Hudson Philharmonic Concerto Competition for Piano
2012-05-07 Sacile Italy

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA International Piano Competition

2012-02-10 New York USA

Metropolitan International Piano Competiton

2012-03-28 Milan Italy Shura Cherkassky Competition

Galeri, Caernarfon

Wales, UK Piano Festival 2012
2012-04-20 Moscow Russia

International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists 'Claviarium'

2012-04-13 Vanves, Paris France 15ème Concours international de musique Jean FRANCAIX
2012-05-10 Torun Poland 20th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia
2012-02-15 Zagreb Croatia 18th International Competition Young Virtuoso
2011-09-05 Winter Park, FL USA 2nd Florida International Piano Competition
2012-06-28 Kerikeri New Zealand Kerikeri International Piano Competition 
2011-10-12  Baltimore, MD USA Liszt-Garrison Festival and International Piano Competition
2012-12-05 Nottingham UK Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition
2011-07-15 Gabala Azerbaijan Gabala International Piano Competition
2011-12-01 YouTube Any World International Piano Competition
2011-06-02 Bologna Italy 9th "Marco Fortini" International Piano Competition
2011-11-18 Jelenia G�ra Poland Fifth International Chopin Competition for Children
2011-06-24 Timisoara Romania International Piano Competition, Piano Concertos
2011-05-14  Moscow Russia International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists "Claviarium"
2011-05-21 Memphis, TN USA 14th Biennial International Beethoven Sonata Competition
2011-07-05 St Petersburg Russia 1st International competition for amateur pianists "Piano Bridges"
2011-11-09 Tallinn Estonia Tallinn International Piano Competition 2011
2011-02-16 Zagreb Croatia 17th International Competition Young Virtuoso � Etudes and Scales Piano
2011-01-28 Chicago, IL USA 20th Annual Steinway Young Artist Competition
2011-04-08 Grand Junction, CO USA USA  Festival for Creative Pianists
2011-05-27 Washington, DC USA Washington International Competition for Piano
2010-10-13 Quilpu� Chile Claudio Arrau International Piano Competition
2011-03-19 Aarhus Denmark Bang & Olufsen PianoRAMA-Competition
2010-09-10 Cape Vincent, NY USA The 1000 Islands International Piano Competition for Young People
2010-05-17 Lamezia Terme Ialy 20th International Piano Competition AMA Calabria
2010-05-01 New York, NY USA Music Festival 2010
2010-05-22 Boston, MA USA Peabody Mason International Piano Competition
2010-01-09 Winter Park, Florida USA Florida International Piano Competition 2010
2010-05-03 Athens Greece Maria Cherogiorgou International Piano Competition
2009-11-21 Ferrol Spain Concurso Internacional de Piano - Cidade de Ferrol
2009-09-00 TBA Taiwan Chinese International Piano Competition
2009-05-01 Santa Fe, NM USA World International Competition
2009-05-04 Citt� di Barletta Italy 12th International Piano Competition "Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize"
2008-10-31 New York, NY USA The Chinese International Piano Competition
2011-01-09 Orlando, Florida USA Florida International Piano Competition
2008-09-21 Las Vegas, NV USA 2008 Liberace Piano Competition
2008-07-04 Colombe France Acad�mie de musique de Colombes
2008-12-01 Almaty Kazakhstan IV International Piano Competition
2008-10-04 Welland, ON Canada Significant Music Piano Competition
2008-09-05 New Haven, CT USA 4th Annual Hugo Kauder Piano Competition
2005-03-28 Tel Aviv Israel Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition
2006-03-03 Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro Yugoslavia Isidor Bajic Piano Memorial
2006-05-22 Naples Italy Premio Pianistico Internazionale Sigismund Thalberg
2006-09-06 Leeds UK Leeds International Pianoforte Competition
2006-10-15 San Antonio, Texas USA San Antonio International Piano Competition
2006-10-29 San Remo Italy International Piano Competition "Sanremo Classico"
2006-11-02 Calgary, Alberta Canada Honens International Piano Competition
2009-12-04 Shreveport, Louisiana USA Wideman Piano Competition
2007-02-15 Zagreb Croatia 13th International Competition "Young Virtuoso"
2007-05-01 New York USA Bradshaw & Buono Piano Competition
2007-05-28 Forth Worth, Texas USA Fifth Cliburn Amateurs
2007-06-28 Claremont, Western Australia Australia West Australian Pianists Competition
2007-00-00 Cleveland, Tennessee USA Lee University Piano Competition
2009-12-07 Alexandria/Pineville, Louisiana USA Louisiana International Piano Competition
2007-11-09 Vercelli Italy 58th Gian Battista Viotti International Music Competition
2007-12-08 Ancona Italy 9th Adriatic Music Competition
2008-00-00 Chicago, Illinois USA Society of American Musicians
2008-01-05 Dallas, Texas USA Lennx International Young Artists Competition
2008-02-20 Zagreb Croatia 14th International Competition Young Virtuoso
2008-03-08 Miami, Florida USA 11th Dranoff International Two Piano Competition
2008-03-15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA International JS Bach Piano Competition
2008-03-30 Utrecht Netherlands International Franz Liszt Piano Competition
2008-05-00 Tambov Russia International Rachmaninoff Competition of Young Pianists
2008-05-00 Madrid Spain Joaqu�n Rodrigo International Competition
2008-05-24 Washington, DC USA 55th Washington International Piano Competition
2008-06-16 Salt Lake City, Utah USA Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition
2008-09-12 Valencia Spain International Piano Competition Jos� Iturbi
2009-10-10 Seattle, Washington USA Seattle International Piano Competition
2009-00-00 Belgrade Yugoslavia International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade
2005-09-00 Warsaw Poland International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition
2007-03-24 Palm Desert, CA USA Virginia Waring International Piano Competition
2004-06-00 Leipzig Germany International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition
2003-11-08 St Joseph, Missouri USA Missouri Western State College Eleventh Annual Piano Competition
2003-09-25 Taipei Taiwan Taiwan International Piano Competition
1997-06-14 Latvia Latvia 1st International Competition PIANO DUETS & Chamber Ensembles with PIANO
1998-03-06 San Sebastian Spain V. International Piano Competition "San Sebastian City"
1999-11-06 Usti Nad Labem Czech Republic Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte
1999-12-01 Ankara Turkey First International F. Chopin Piano Competition
2000-01-20 Pretoria South Africa Ninth Unisa International Piano Competition
2000-02-02 Desenzano del Garda (Brescia) Italy Fifth International Piano Competition "Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli"
2000-05-02 Dublin Ireland Guardian Dublin International Piano Competition
2000-06-16 Lawton, Oklahoma USA Louise D. McMahon International Music Competition
2000-06-19 Bucharest Romania International "Pro-Piano Romania" Contest, 4th edition
2000-06-28 Sydney Australia The Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia
2000-07-11 Newport, Wales UK Newport International Competition for Young Pianists
2000-07-29 Morcone, BN Italy II Concorso Pianistico Internazionale per Giovani Pianisti �Beniamino Cest�
2000-08-02 Morcone, BN Italy XII Concorso Pianistico Internazionale �Serghei Rachmaninoff�
2000-12-02 Athens Greece Konzerteum International Piano Competition
2001-01-05 New York USA The Fifth Pinault Biennial Audio/ Video International Tape Piano Competition
2001-03-04 Pinerolo Italy Concorso Internazionale di Musica "Citt� di Pinerolo" VII edizione
2001-05-11 Szafarnia Poland International Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia
2001-05-23 Lamezia Terme, Calabria Italy 11� Concorso Internazionale Pianistico
2001-05-25 Fort Worth, Texas USA Eleventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
2001-08-09 Boston, Massachusetts USA Boston International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs
2001-09-01 Vevey Switzerland 19e Clara Haskil Concours de piano
2001-09-03 Senigallia Italy International Piano Competition "Citt� di Senigallia"
2001-10-07 Tbilisi Georgia Second Tbilisi International Piano Competition
2001-12 Zaragoza Spain Pilar Bayona International Piano Competition
2002-04-05 Radford, Virginia USA Bartok-Kabalevsky-Prokofiev International Piano Competition
2002-04-06 London UK World Piano Competition
2002-04-08 London UK Kiwanis Music Festival of London
2002-04-11 Tallinn Estonia International Young Musician 2002 Contest
2002-04-23 Joplin, Missouri USA Missouri Southern International Piano Competition
2002-04-24 Madrid Spain Nueva Acropolis XXI Concurso Internacional de Piano
2002-06-03 Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada Sixth Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey International Piano Competition
2002-06-06 Minneapolis / St Paul, Minnesota USA International piano-e-competition
2002-06-06 Moscow Russia XII International Tchaikovsky Competition
2002-07-01 Cincinnati, Ohio USA 2002 World Piano Competition
2002-07-20 New Orleans USA Annual New Orleans International Piano Competition
2002-09-24 Citt� di Sulmona Italy Concorso di Pianoforte Citt� di Sulmona
2002-10-13 Brussels Belgium 2nd International Piano Competition for Young Musicians
2002-11-13 Villa Guariglia of Raito-Vietri sul Mare (Salerno) Italy IV International Piano Competition "Vietri sul Mare - Costa Amalfitana"
2002-11-23 Riga Latvia Jazeps Vitols International Piano Competition
2009-01-17 Corpus Christi, Texas USA Annual International Chopin Piano Competition
2003-02-02 Jacksonville, Florida USA Jacksonville International Piano Competition
2003-03-13 Aiken, South Carolina USA Annual Josef Hofmann Piano Competition and Festival
2003-04-03 Southern University-Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA DeBose National Piano Competition
2003-05-02 Canada Canada The Eckhardt-Gramatt� National Music Competition
2006-05-07 New York, NY USA New York City International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs
2010-05-24 Brussels Belgium Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition
2009-06-05 San Jose, California USA International Russian Music Piano Competition
2010-00-00 Woodmere, NY USA 5 Towns Music and Art Competition
2009-07-00 Washington, DC USA Washington International Piano Amateur Competition
2003-07-16 Maryland USA William Kapell International Piano Competition and Festival
2003-07-30 Cleveland, Ohio USA Cleveland International Piano Competition

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